Simone Di Giovanni

Imperial College London, UK

Simone Di Giovanni holds the Hartnett Chair in Restorative Neuroscience at Imperial College, where his research group investigates molecular and cellular mechanisms that underpin repair after nervous system injuries. Simone also holds an honorary post within the NHS as a consultant in Neurology and is Head of the Department of Neurology. Previously, since 2006, he worked at the University of Tuebingen, Germany as a Research Group Leader, where he was also a consultant clinician in Stroke and General Neurology. Simone did his post-doctoral training in Neuroscience studying gene expression regulation after spinal cord injury at Georgetown University, Washington DC, 2001-2004 where he became research Instructor (2004-2006). He studied Medicine at La Sapienza University and did his Neurology training at Catholic University, Rome, Italy.