Patrick Freund

University Hospital Balgrist, Zurich, Switzerland

I completed my doctorate in biology at Fribourg in 2008, followed by a doctorate in medicine from Z├╝rich in 2014. In 2018, I was honored to receive the SNF Eccellenza Professorship at the University of Zurich, and in 2020, I was grateful to be awarded the Schellenberg Prize. By 2023, I took on the role of Professor of Experimental Imaging of the Spinal Cord at the University of Zurich.

Drawing from my background in medicine and neuroscience, I am deeply interested in the complex statistical analysis of imaging data. My group aims to explore spinal cord injury beyond traditional clinical and neurophysiological assessments using neuroimaging techniques. Specifically, our research focuses on understanding the functional and structural changes throughout the central nervous system following focal spinal cord lesions. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, I strive to advance imaging technologies and conduct studies on therapeutic training and interventions. I have secured approximately 17 million CHF in funding as a principal investigator and work package leader.

In addition to my primary role, I hold the titles of Honorary Professor at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging within the Queen Square UCL Institute of Neurology, and an honorary senior scientist position at the Department of Neurophysics at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig. These affiliations allow me to contribute to collaborative research efforts in neuroimaging and spinal cord injury studies.